Want Velata for free?

If you love food AND love entertaining your friends and family, hosting a Velata party is for you! It couldn’t be easier.


Get started by choosing your party style.

Home party:

Simply set a start time. Your Velata Consultant will set up a display of Velata products, and you and your guests can dip in!

Open house party:

Choose a window of time and invite your guests to come and go as they please. Super casual, but just as delicious!

Online party:

Tell out-of-town friends or those who can’t come to join your party by placing their orders online.


If one of your guests decides to host their own Velata party, you can earn an additional half-price item if you attend their soirée! We call it the Perpetual Party Reward, and it’s our way of helping you get your hands on as many sweet treats as possible.


Party, enjoy fondue, and earn half-price items and product credits? Yep. Become a Velata Host and find out how.



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Host Rewards

The best part of hosting a Velata party is earning Host Rewards: half-price items and product credits! Host a party with over $150 in guest sales and you earn Rewards, PLUS free shipping! * I’ll help you determine your Host Rewards based on the chart below.

Host Rewards Chart
Guest Sales   $150-$249   $250-$399   $400-$999   $1000+
Free Products   10%   10%   15%   15%
Half-Price Items   1   2   3   4